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Level II Chimney Inspection and Certification

Chimney Inspection and Certification Services

If your chimney system has been damaged by a “sudden occurrence”, give the experts at American Chimney & Masonry a call. We’ll do an in-depth inspection and answer any questions you may have.

Know What You’re Buying!

During an average chimney inspection (a Level 1 inspection, according to the NFPA’s guidelines), American Chimney techs will take a thorough look at all of the accessible portions of your system’s interior and exterior, from the firebox up through to the chimney crown. In an average year — when nothing’s changed about the system or the way you use it — that type of inspection, once during that year, should be all you need. There are, however, certain instances that make it necessary to have an inspection done at other times. One instance when it’s wise to have a CSIA-certified sweep inspect the chimney system is when you are buying or selling a property with an existing chimney.

 Have You Scheduled A Real Estate Transaction Inspection?

Are you considering buying a home with an existing chimney? It’s well worth it to have a real estate transaction inspection. During your average real estate transaction, a home inspector will inspect the whole home to keep the home buyer informed about the state of their major investment. Most inspectors take a cursory look at the chimney and include any obvious issues in the report. But most home inspectors aren’t chimney experts, and an in-depth chimney inspection isn’t in the scope of what they’re expected to do. Chimneys are complex systems and issues can be quite tricky — it takes a trained eye and the right tools to find a subtle problem that, if not taken care of, can lead to extensive and expensive repairs.

What Does A Real Estate Transaction Inspection Include?

A real estate transaction inspection follows the scope of the NFPA’s Level 2 inspection. It includes the Level 1 inspection process, plus the inspection of any parts in attics, basements or crawl spaces, and a video scan of the expanse of the flue. Using a high-tech, top-of-the-line camera system that’s specifically designed for this work, we’ll be able to find issues before they turn into major problems, or damage that might hide from a tech with just a flashlight and a mirror. We’ll also be able to show you exactly what we find, so you can be well informed about the chimney system and armed to make the best possible decisions about your purchase and your investment.

Schedule Your Real Estate Transaction Inspection Today!

A home is a big investment – do you know what you’re getting into? Schedule a real estate transaction inspection today and buy with confidence! Call 215-364-0881 or click here! Do you need a post-chimney fire or lightning strike inspection? If so, this would be a great opportunity to take advantage of our video chimney scans!

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