Enhance Your Home with a New Gas Fireplace,

Gas Stove or Gas Fireplace Insert

If you’ve decided that a gas appliance makes the most sense for your lifestyle and your home, you’ll still have a big decision to make: do you want a fireplace, a stove or an insert?

Each has definite benefits — it all really depends on your space, your needs and your preferences. American Chimney’s Technicians can talk you through the process of choosing a new appliance, and help you can find one that completely meets your expectations and hopes.

But here’s a little food for thought as you consider this addition!

 The differences between Fireplaces, Stoves, and Inserts

Gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts have one major thing in common: the fuel they use, of course. But they’re still different in several ways, and one might make more sense for you and your home than another.

Gas Fireplaces

Contemporary gas fireplace factory-built gas fireplace manufacturers are providing homeowners with an array of options these days, in terms of both fashion and function. You can choose a fireplace that’s designed to add more of a vibe and decorative flair to your space, or one that is designed to provide significant secondary heating. You can choose from units that look like traditional masonry fireplaces, or units that have clean and sleek lines and glass doors on two, three, even four sides. And while traditional fireplaces are limited in respect to where you can have them installed, the zero-clearance construction in many factory-built fireplaces makes it so they can be placed almost anywhere, so long as there’s access to a gas line.

Gas Stoves

Traditionally, if we’re talking about wood, stoves and fireplaces differ greatly in terms of heat output – wood-burning stoves are far better zone heaters. But since factory-built gas appliances of all kinds are now designed to provide efficient heat, the more explicit difference between gas fireplaces and stoves comes with regard to installation placement and look. Stoves can be freestanding out in the room, usually on a pedestal or legs, while a fireplace must be built into or installed in a wall. Stoves also bring a unique look to a space, whether you choose one that’s classic cast iron or slick steel.

Worried about heat output? Gas stoves can be great zone heaters — there are units on the market that provide enough heat to keep a whole floor of your home warm.

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Inserts are made to be installed into an existing fireplace, venting through an existing chimney. These are a great choice if your current appliance needs a significant aesthetic and/or functional upgrade, and you’d rather not rebuild. A new insert can quickly take an eyesore fireplace, or one that’s offering particularly poor performance, and turn it into a beloved part of your home again.


If you’re in the market for a new gas fireplace, stove or insert, turn to American Chimney - our CSIA-certified technicians can find and install the perfect appliance for you and your home! Call us today at 215-364-0881 or click here to schedule an appointment!

It’s easy for our experienced staff to convert your existing fireplace to gas by installing a new gas log set.

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